What's the point anyway...

As we have moved into a highly connected and highly knowledgeable world has this come at a cost? 


While we have retained many of the tradition of the past have we lost their meaning and therefore their purposes?  

Rituals play a large part in the funeral process. However many people don't understand their meaning or purpose and this is leading to a shift in engagement in the moments that matter when we farewell our loved ones.

Perhaps some of the real questions we should be asking are: What is the purpose of a funeral? Have all cultures and societies lost the meaning of a funeral? Or is this something that has emerged out of the consumerist values that many societies find themselves embracing today? 

What is the meaning behind having a ceremony to acknowledge a life? In early civilisation funerals were all about disposing of a loved one's body and this is still the case today. But there is a larger meaning to these ceremonies and this is being forgotten. Is this not the time we take stock of all the things that this person has achieved and what they have meant to society? 

Fundamentally a funeral, and the rituals involved, is about realisation, remembrance, receiving and releasing....

Is this not a chance to publicly remember and receive support from our community? By not engaging in the funeral process are we robbing ourselves of the opportunity to understand what our Mum or Dad meant to their colleagues and the community in which they lived?  

When we choose not to celebrate a life are we missing out on the stories that have shaped our present?