Why pre-planning?

Where is the value in pre-planning your funeral?

Your funeral is about remembering and recognising your life and you are the main character in that story so it makes total sense that you help write the script for the final scene.  

Think of it this way… you are the playwright and therefore get to create your ideal scene before the final curtain drops. The producer at the time will make any tweaks they feel are needed. This is an important part to note; that while you can write the script, part of the funeral process is about enabling your loved ones to do what they need to do in order to move on with their lives once you have gone.

If there’s something I’ve learned from experience it’s that for your family, knowing even the smallest of your wishes, will bring great comfort.  Pre-planning even some of your funeral relieves the pressure that comes at such an emotional time. It allows your family to concentrate on celebrating a life and grieving the loss.  They can focus on things important to them that will  genuinely help them with their grieving.  Your family will have the opportunity to add their tweaks and parts that they need to but your assistance with a little pre-planning will help them in that process.

Funerals don’t have to take place in a church or formal chapel anymore.  If you were an outdoors person, why not take it outdoors to your favourite spot in the bush?  Why not have it at your favourite pub or garden bar?

Pre-planning doesn't mean you have to create the boring or morbid funeral that is often depicted in the media, but rather create an event that captures who you were and what you loved in your time on this earth.  Your funeral should be a celebration of a life lived.

If you have time check this out www.preplantoday.co.nz